Sonic Colors

I’m literally the worst mod ever!

Hey, yeah, uh, mod here! I died, sorta. School has been a big pain in the butt for the past… months. And I’m still not done with it.

This is not an official return yet. I don’t even know if I’ll return to this blog. But for now, I’ll keep it open until I decide whether or not I have the energy to return to it.


~ Justin

As you all have noticed, most of the content recently are reblogs from other tumblr users. I recommend you check out fastest-thing and metaknight, both great blogs that have Sonic and other things too.

yowzas youve grown ="3 ive been gone for 3 months and boom new page new look and why is sonic on your description lol well just wanna say good on ya and im back ="3

Haha, thanks. It’s still a rather small blog - only a hundred or so followers and still one man behind it, who is still really, really busy to try and work on updating periodically. Thanks, though!

Love ya all! <3
Still very behind on school, by the way.

Love ya all! <3

Still very behind on school, by the way.

Hey guys. School has caught to me big time; I’m behind on so many things. I don’t know when I’ll be able to have time to get back to this blog. If you want, you may unfollow, etc. I’ll be back to this blog whenever I can.


~ Mod

Welcome to Gallery Zone Act 1!

One thing I truly appreciate about the Sonic the Hedgehog series are the creative and beautiful levels that are designed, from the 8-Bit Green Hill Zone to the stunning HD Windmill Isle. So I made a blog dedicated to the many zones and levels in the Sonic series! Enjoy!!

I also do requests, so feel free to suggest a zone to appear!

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*taglist coming soon when I'm not lazy!*